Services of Forklift

Our forklift sales and services are most affordable in the industry. We have over 50 years of experience in manufacturing and services of forklifts. We build our reputation on quality customers, forklift services, maintenance, and price competitive services of quality forklift product. Forklifts are regularly maintained to avoid premature damages like leakage of engine oil, engine smoking, transmissions slipping, loss of hydraulic pressure and leaks are prevented.

Forklifts are among the most rugged and reliable machines designed to operate in tough conditions. They are inspected daily to identify any problems related to wear and tear and rectify at its earliest. This helps to improve the productivity of the forklift and hence optimization of forklift performance is ensured.

The forklifts should be inspected based on certain criteria. It needs an engineering analysis that functions on the condition of safety requirements, hours of operation, the severity of service, and service record. Forklift operators should always begin their work only after performing the daily maintenance. The operators should inspect for machine leaks, engine oil, obvious damage, and tyre condition manually before getting started. The raising and lowering operations of the fork are successfully performed with and without load and levels of engine oil, fuel, radiator water and hydraulic fluid are checked. Overload and damage to forklift can be prevented by checking the boundaries of the forklift for Stability Triangle or Rear end Swing. The maximum efficiency of rotation of forklift tyres is ensured by routine maintenance of the machine.

We at Marsforklift are all about giving customers what they need anytime anywhere. We supply effective forklifts to small and large scale businesses throughout Australia. We work with our clients and offer the precise solution for individual customers. We suggest a fitting answer to suit each customer. Our expertise of service speaks for itself as the list of happy customers is endless. We have all the latest version of equipment updated with the software to avoid any malfunctioning. Your search for finding the right forklift company ends with us. Call Marsforklift right now to fulfil all your warehousing needs.