New Forklifts Sydney

Established in 1999, Mars Forklifts is a fully independent company with over 100 years combined experience in Material Handling business. With no allegiance to any particular make or model it allows us to supply the very best forklift for the application, no matter what brand. We offer a free no obligation site survey to your site where our professionally trained staff will recommend the best solution for your site. 

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Whether you are running a small business that specialises in industrial supplies or a large corporation that makes frequent use of large warehouses, you’ll need a forklift to move heavy objects between storage areas. When it comes to new forklifts Sydney residents have always relied on our company for professional service and a dedication to providing the very best brands and models in the business. We offer big brands such as Toyota Material Handling and Crown forklifts for sale, and you can ultimately choose the model that works best for your business.

Toyota Material Handling makes several excellent forklifts, and you’ll find high-quality machines that are specially designed for everything from small indoor applications to outdoor port work. Mars Forklifts offers a wide variety of Toyota models, from internal combustion forklifts to electric forklifts to electric pallet jacks and stackers. Both cushion tires and pneumatic tires are available.

Crown electric balance forklifts are another excellent option for customers who want productivity and power while also valuing the safety that comes with electric operation. Crown also offers IC counterbalance forklifts. Narrow aisle trucks and reach trucks can also come in handy in certain situations.

As a business owner, you’ll find that there are a number of obvious advantages to owning a forklift. The loading capacities of the machines are quite large, which means that no job will be too tough. Likewise, annual maintenance is relatively easy. Quality forklifts also prevent warehouse workers from having to use ropes, pulleys, and cables to move heavy objects, which is much less safe.

At Mars Forklifts, we’ve got more than 100 years of combined experience in the material handling business. We operate with no bias toward any brand, and you’ll always be able to secure the right forklift for the job. When in the market for new forklifts Sydney residents can always rely on our devoted staff to help them choose the right brand for their business going forward.

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