New Forklifts Sydney

Marsforklifts have the largest and latest range of new forklifts in the industry across Australia. New forklifts should be designed with operators comfort, productivity and efficiency in mind. Our design of the forklift focuses on better product lifespan and safety.

We are providing the most effective branded forklifts with effective cost. One among the best is the New Linde E20 forklift. Linde E20 forklift has 2.0 – 3.5 tonnes capacity that runs with the help of an electric motor. A twin drive design of drive axle is associated with Linde AC technology, so that optimum energy is allowed using maintenance-free oil-bath vane brake and automatic parking brake. The high efficiency and outstanding maneuverability of forklift are achieved by providing compact conductors to motors and sturdy steering wheel with Linde combi steer axle. High productivity is reached by Linde E20 forklift due to the combination of powerful motors and smart electronic control. The electronic control system of E20 forklift provides a great level of reliability. Apart from being an excellent machine, Linde E20 is an intelligent one that consumes very low energy but offers the best service.

Toyota forklift is a Japanese automotive giant headquartered in Japan. Toyota Forklifts ranks number one in the automobile industry according to the Interbrand Best Global Brands Report, with the highest brand value and lowest cost of ownership. The certified service technicians of Toyota are located over North America. Toyota forklifts have 25+ years of experience in manufacturing and servicing the forklifts. The powerful performance in material handling operations is the ultimate goal of the Toyota forklift. World’s top brand Toyota is always in number one quality, durability and reliability.

Linde is one of the lead manufacturers of forklift and warehouse equipment. The high-performance solutions are developed for intralogistics. The vehicles and fleets are manufactured precisely for transporting, storing, picking and stacking the loads. These trucks have a smart software and an exhaustive service gives them an edge over other similar trucks. The main goal of Linde is the safety of people, truck and the goods. Keeping these 3 elements in focus Linde forklifts have been designed. Hence these are considered as one of the best in the industry.

The main intention at Marsforklift is highest productive with quality customer service. We keep our client’s requirement as the topmost priority and give them the best solution for forklifts.

We offer high quality and brand new forklifts for sale in Sydney. Our powerful forklifts are ideal for lifting both indoors and outdoors.  We are happy to come to your site, inspect, and give you the best possible solution.

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