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Looking to buy or hire Crown forklifts at good prices? Contact Mars Forklifts today, we offer high quality new and pre-owned Crown forklifts at affordable prices. Our Crown forklifts can efficiently keep up with the challenges of the busiest of warehouses.

We are one of the world’s leading material handling companies for product design and manufacturing processes. We deliver several types of efficient and top-class forklifts available in the market like the Toyota 7 tone, JLG scissor lift, Crown stock pickers, etc. Not sure about your business requirements? Ask our experts for advice.

Our goal is to provide integrated solutions, customised specifically for each client. This helps you to ensure that you get the maximum benefit from your investment. Our extensive sales and service network is always ready to address customer requirements at any time and anywhere, with end-to-end solutions so that your productivity is on par with your competitors.

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Why is a Crown Forklift a Great Choice?

The Crown forklift is one of the best in its range. Crown forklifts are designed to be a long lasting product, with a focus on operator productivity and safety. They are manufactured from high quality parts and components.

Crown Forklifts deal with real world challenges. They are known for giving maximum speed, high capacity with good energy efficiency, and lift height. The order picking process of the load is optimised both on the ground and elevations. With such high end features, workers can lift a heavy load with ease. Safety features are an integral part of the Crown forklift design.

All parts are inspected regularly to make sure there is no malfunctioning at any point. The productivity of the forklift is maximised because of its industry benchmark design. Crown forklifts provide exceptional lifting with minimal effort.

Why Trust Us?

At Mars forklifts, we provide a variety of forklifts across Australia. Our large team of experts are always ready to help you anywhere and anytime. We provide you with exceptional customer service and reliable forklifts. We thrive on customer satisfaction so we offer forklift hiring services for short term hire as well.

In cases of forklift repairs and replacements our experienced staff will quickly suggest the best tailor made solution for your problem. If required we can even provide you with a replacement forklift while yours is repaired. Just give us a call and we are there to guide you.

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